Professional Testing

About Us

What makes what we do at Lagnaiappe so essential starts with whom we interact with on a direct basis, our Hosted Professionals, also be called the individual taking the test. This exam, certification, or skill verification is most often a life-changing experience for them. It could potentially advance their academic or professional career. It could allow them to get a position with a corporation or agency that they otherwise would be unable to prove their candidacy.

Another important scenario that outlines the magnitude of our service is to protect better and serve our local community and the public at large. Through the verification and certification of our Hosted Professionals, our Testing Partners and the public, in general, can rest easier knowing that those very critical professional positions are given to qualified, proven, and experienced individuals that can perform their duties at the highest levels.

Though Lagniappe humbly understands we are just a small piece of the pie, we have a role in ensuring that the tests we are proctoring are both fair and secure. Our Hosting Professionals have spent a lot of time, energy, and effort to achieve the skills they are testing or certifying the existence of through these crucial exams. After all, there is a lot on the line for everyone that our local professionals can perform their essential work with the complete confidence of their employers and, ultimately, the general public.