Professional Testing

Lounge Courtesy

Taking an exam can be a new, exciting yet anxious experience. We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable when visiting our Lagniappe Professional Testing Lounge, so we’ve provided the following overview on what you can expect and how to gracefully proceed through the process.  These guidelines will apply to most of the exams we administer at our Professional Testing Lounge.

First Steps / Pre Test


Registration for all tests is done through your Test Sponsors Portal or through their Test Partners Portal.

Kryterion |  Each of Kryterion’s Test Sponsor has its own Webassessor Portal that you would register on directly.  There you will be able to select your desired exam, location, date, and time for your testing session.

Pearson VUE |  

Kaplan |  


Once you have successfully registered for your exam using one of the three paths above, you will receive an email confirming your scheduled testing date, time, location, and a Test Taker Authorization Code. This code is required to launch your exam at our Professional Testing Lounge.

Day of Test

Testing Center Arrival Time

Our concierge team understands that testing can be stressful, and your comfort is of paramount concern. We ask that you arrive at Lagniappe’s Professional Testing Lounge and check in at least 15 minutes and up to 30 minutes before the start of your scheduled test. It will take a few minutes to check-in, process the necessary identification, and finalize the registration. Also, you may want to familiarize yourself with the restrooms, the vending area, and the testing facility itself.

Check-In at Testing Lounge

For IT exams, you typically must have two valid forms of ID, one with a photo and both with a signature.

For Academic or Professional Licensure & Certification exams, you typically must have just one valid government-issued ID bearing your photo & signature. If the ID does not have either the photo or signature, a secondary ID must be presented.

Acceptable forms of photo identification include:

    • Driver’s license
    • Passport
    • Military identification
    • Employee identification card

Acceptable forms of non-photo identification include:

    • Credit card
    • Check cashing card

* Please note: Credit cards and check cashing cards are not acceptable secondary IDs.

You will also need to provide the Confirmation or Authorization code from the registration confirmation email from when you originally scheduled your exam.

It is the Hosted Professional’s responsibility to review all of the, sometimes stringent, identification requirements for the exam you are taking prior to making your appointment. Please refer to your exam sponsor registration information for their exact ID requirements.

Our Lagniappe Testing Concierge Team will provide you with documentation about preparing for your test session while your workstation is prepared in the testing room.

Courtesy noise volume

Our Hosted Professionals are asked to keep their personal noise level to a minimum in and around the Lounge, including while initially checking in with our concierge team. Much the same you would adhere to when in place of worship, courtroom, or library, to maintain professional courtesy to everyone, including other Hosted Professionals in the middle of their examinations.


Please be sure to leave large personal items, like backpacks or luggage, in your vehicles.  It is highly recommended to not bring any personal items with you to our Testing Lounge.

Additionally, our Test Sponsors and Test Partners are responsible for lost or stolen items.

Though we cannot accept any responsibility for lost or stolen items left in your vehicle, we are located in a very safe community. Our parking facilities are well lighted, directly outside our Lounge, and have had an excellent history of no theft, vandalism, or crime.

You will be asked to place any personal items in a cabinet, locker, or compartment prior to entering the testing areas. Personal items include but are not limited to bags, purses, keys, wallets, hats, briefcases, books, cell phones, calculators, portable electronic devices, watches, and any weapons or firearms. Only Test Sponsor-Approved testing aids will be permitted.

Food & Drink

Food and drinks are not permitted in the computer testing lounge. Also, some of the exams that we administer do not provide for breaks. Exams that do not offer break time typically allow you to leave the testing area to get a drink, go to the restroom or take medication; however, the amount of time designated for that exam may not stop when you step away from the testing computer.

courtesy lockers

We offer courtesy lockers for the duration of your examination on a first-come-first-served basis at no additional fee. The courtesy lockers are relatively small, 00″ x 00″ x 00″, but they are large enough to store the most popular personal items. For any items left in our courtesy lockers or test stations by our Hosted Professionals, we will keep the items for 30 days before the items will be discarded. We can take no liability for anything left, lost, or stolen from your courtesy lockers or testing area, including your cell phone or other electronic devices.

Face Masks Policy

We have relaxed our face mask policy, and we do not require anyone to wear a face mask when visiting our Testing Lounge. If you are not comfortable with others not wearing a protective face mask around you, you should consider rescheduling your exam at either a sub-prime time or at a different Testing Center altogether. Our staff is not required to wear a face mask either. You are still welcome to wear a face mask during your appointment should you feel more comfortable.

Electronic Devices

Most of our Testing Sponsors and Partners require a zero-tolerance of cellphone usage or conversation with other Hosted Professionals during scheduled or unscheduled breaks from the examination.

Please remember that cell phones, smartwatches, or other electronic devices are NOT allowed past the Concierge Check-In Desk at the front of our Test Lounge. It is recommended that you leave these items at home, secured inside your locked vehicle, or secured in your private locker.

If you are caught with a mobile phone, smartwatch, or other electronic devices in the Dedicated Testing Area, your scheduled exam time may be terminated, and you may be asked to leave the facility. If that happens before you finish your exam, you will have to reschedule a new appointment to retake the test. This rule is in place and enforced to prevent cheating or other misconduct during exams. We thank you for your cooperation.

Breaks During Exam

Our Hosted Professionals are asked to check-in each time they need to re-enter their Dedicated Testing Space during the duration of the examination. There are often different guideline criteria that must be adhered to by the originating Test Sponsor of each examination. Our Testing Concierge team will provide full instructions prior to the beginning of each examination.

Most exams allow for unscheduled breaks to be taken during the exam period, however, the time clock may continue to run during this period and reduce the overall time you have to complete your exam.

Please do not leave the Testing Lounge Facility during the exam, specifically during scheduled breaks.


At you have completed your testing session, you will be prompted to notify the Lagniappe Testing Conceriage Team that you have concluded your exam. The Lagniappe Testing Conceriage Team will submit your exam and complete your check-out process.

Scheduling Ride / Pickup

If you are being dropped off for testing, please tell your ride to pick you up after your exam is scheduled to end. We suggest that you leave your cell phone with your ride if possible. We have an office phone you may use to call your ride, should you finish your exam early.


If you need to make any changes to your scheduled exam, please log in to the same Testing Partner/Sponsor Portal that you originally registered to and click the Reschedule or Cancellation button next to your scheduled exam.  Alternatively, you can contact your Test Sponsor directly. There may be a reschedule or cancellation fee applied by your Test Sponsor if you are trying to reschedule your exam within 72 hours of your scheduled start time.

Last Steps / Post Test


Each Test Sponsor determines how and when Test Takers will receive their test results. Some results are delivered immediately on-screen after submission while others may be sent via email or postal mail. Results will not be printed by the Lagniappe Pro Testing Concierge.

Test Voucher Expiration

Please be mindful that most testing vouchers expire one year from the date they are issued. Some may expire even sooner. Our concierge team has no control over this, and we will not be able to extend the testing voucher’s expiration date.