Professional Testing


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General FAQs

Who is Lagniappe Testing?

Lagniappe Professional Testing is a subdivision of Lagniappe Tutoring & Education Services.  Lagniappe Pro Testing works with our Test Partners and Test Sponsors to offer various kinds of Hish-Stake, accreditation, skill verification, and certification testing to our local community of professionals in the North and Far North Dallas area.   This includes but is not limited to Frisco, Allen, Plano, McKinney, Lewisville, Prosper, Dallas, and Addison.

What are Test Partners?
Lagniappe Professional Testing acts as a regional-certified testing facility for our Nation & Worldwide Test Partners:  Kryterion, Pearson Vue, and Kaplan.
What are Test Sponsors?

Test Sponsors are the entities that utilize the test results that Lagniappe Professional Testing and our Test Partners administer to various industry professionals.

Examples of Test Sponsors are:

Microsoft, Cisco, Apple, Dell, Oracle, Adobe, IBM, AT&T, Texas Department of Insurance, Texas Real Estate Inspectors, and the TSA.

Day Of Test FAQs

What type of identification must I bring to the testing center?

Test Takers are required to present two forms of identification; one must be a government-issued “photo” ID from the Primary Identification list below. All forms of ID must be valid and not expired.

Primary Identification:

    • Government (Local, State, Province or Country) issued driver’s license or identification card
    • Passport
    • Military Identification
    • National Identification card

Secondary Identification:

    • Bank debit or credit card
    • Employee Identification card
    • Student Identification Card
    • Retail membership card
    • Wholesale membership card


Can I keep my belongings with me during the test session?

DO NOT bring personal items to the testing center. Lagniappe Testing, our Test Partners (Kryterion, Pearson Vue, & Kaplan), and our Test Sponsors (Microsoft, IBM, etc.) are not responsible for lost or stolen property.  All personal belongings, except your identification, will be stored and not accessible during the test session.

May I bring food or drinks into the testing room?

Tobacco products, food, drink, and chewing gum are not allowed in the testing area.

Do you provide accommodations for Test Takers with special needs?

Lagniappe Testing and our Test Partners & Sponsors are required to abide by federal and local laws that require reasonable accommodations for an individual with a disability in job-related test situations (i.e. The American Disabilities Act). If you have a special need, please contact your Test Sponsor first. You may be required to submit a form that identifies your limitations and the supportive resource you are requesting.

Scheduling FAQs

How do I schedule an exam session?

Test By Kryterion: 
You will need to navigate to the URL Corresponding to your test sponsor. If you have questions regarding the process, go to the Kryterion Candidate Community site for our helpful Knowledge Base and/or for our 24/7 Live Chat. You can also go here to fill out a web form, which is also monitored by our support staff 24/7.

Test By Pearson Vue: 
Instructions here.

Test By Kaplan: 
Instructions here.

Can I cancel and/or reschedule my test event?

Test By Kryterion: 
If your Test Sponsor allows it, you may reschedule or cancel an exam directly through your Webassessor Portal. Additional fees may apply.

Test By Pearson Vue: 
Instructions here.

Test By Kaplan: 
Instructions here.

General FAQs

How do I print a receipt?

Login to your Account through your Test Sponsor’s Webassessor portal, navigate to the Receipts tab, locate the exam for which you wish to view the receipt and click the Receipt button. Complete any additional fields you wish to have included on your receipt and click the Receipt button. From here, you may save or print your receipt.

How do I contact Support?

You can access self-help tools, articles, videos, support, and Live Chat features through our Candidate Community located at

When will I receive my results?

The Test Sponsor determines when the score report is available to the Test Taker. No printed results will be provided by the Lagniappe Testing.