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Kryterion completes exams for tech giants Google, Salesforce, Mulesoft, and several others. We proctor exams for Kryterion in our comfortable testing center.

These exams are registered for directly through Kryterion and administered on-site.  For more information regarding professional development exams with Kryterion, please visit their website here.

With over 200+ professional development exams administered each month, Kryterion represents an important partnership with Lagniappe, and we are happy to accommodate all clients who come to test at our facility.

Test candidates must bring two forms of ID to the testing center along with their unique testing access code. Candidates are also required to wear face-coverings while in the testing center, and are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early for their tests.

The Crucial Role of Proctors in High-stakes Exams

Proctoring is essential to protect the validity of any assessment that enables those who pass it to deliver services impacting the health, safety, or well-being of themselves or others.

Proctors help ensure that candidates only have access to items approved by the test sponsor. This deters outside assistance, access to prohibited materials, and copying of live test content.

Trained proctors can identify disguised electronic recording devices, spy cams, other gear or notes. At in-person testing sites, proctors periodically find and remove restricted materials stashed in bathrooms and other areas that candidates access during breaks.

High test environment standards make it easier for proctors to spot possible violations of testing rules. Foot tapping, hand signals, coughing and frequent breaks are common tactics used to mask improper contact with others or harvest exam content.


Kryterion strives to use leading-edge technology to be a global leader in testing.


Kryterion partners with organizations to build and deliver everything from skills tests and simple online assessments to comprehensive high-stakes worldwide certification programs.


With Webassessor™ Kryterion’s Testing Sponsors can author test questions, create test forms, deliver tests through a variety of delivery formats and manage data from anywhere.

Support Tickets

To open a customer-support case, go to our convenient support-case web form here.

Kryterion Support Number

Register at Webassesor Portal

Live Chat & Knowledgebase

For online-testing support including Live Chat, go to the Kryterion Candidate Community portal.

Webassessor FAQs

What is Webassessor?

Webassessor is a SaaS platform that empowers organizations to develop items, test forms and manage candidates and exams in real-time. It offers four different delivery options to meet the diverse needs of Test Sponsors.

What is a Test Sponsor?

A Test Sponsor is an organization that develops exams to test a candidate’s knowledge of specific roles and/or job functions as it pertains to certification or licensure.

How do I create a Webassessor candidate account?

Each Kryterion Test Sponsor has its own unique, branded portal through which candidates can enroll, register for or reschedule exams. They can also view their testing schedule and their transcripts. To find the correct portal:

  1. Do an internet search using the name of your “Test Sponsor” and “Webassessor Login.” Example: “Acme Webassessor Login.”
  2. Verify that the link is for the Test Sponsor you wish to test with and then Click on the link.
  3. Once there, locate the Create an Account link
    • If a Create an Account link is not available, it means the Test Sponsor does not allow candidates to create an account directly. In this case, you’ll need to go back to the Test Sponsor’s testing/certification page and follow their specific instructions.
  4. Fill in all the requested fields.
  5. Set a Username and Password that you will remember.
  6. Save this page for easy access on future visits.
How do I schedule an exam in Webassessor?

Once you’re logged in to your preferred Test Sponsor’s Webassessor portal, navigate to the Exam Catalog or click the Exam Registration link or tab.

  1. Select the Exam you wish to register for.
  2. The exam may be delivered via one or more delivery methods:
    1. Onsite (physical testing center)
    2. Online (remote or online)
  3. Click the Buy Now/Get Now button next to your preferred delivery method.
    1. If the button is not available, please check the exam pre-requisites listed next to the exam to be sure you qualify.
  4. For Onsite delivery, select your preferred Testing Center(s) to preview availability.
  5. For both Onsite and Online, select your preferred testing date and start time.
  6. Accept the Test Sponsor’s custom Agreement.
  7. Pay for your exam through the e-commerce portal.
  8. An exam confirmation mail will be sent and will include:
    1. The name of your exam.
    2. Test date, start time, and location (for Onsite).
    3. Other important exam-related information.
    4. Please read the confirmation email carefully and follow all instructions.

General FAQs

How do I print a receipt?

Login to your Account through your Test Sponsor’s Webassessor portal, navigate to the Receipts tab, locate the exam for which you wish to view the receipt and click the Receipt button. Complete any additional fields you wish to have included on your receipt and click the Receipt button. From here, you may save or print your receipt.

How do I contact Support?

You can access self-help tools, articles, videos, support, and Live Chat features through our Candidate Community located at

When will I receive my results?

Exam result notification varies by Test Sponsor and exam. Please refer to your Test Sponsor’s testing or certification exam page for additional information.

Scheduling FAQs

What information do I need to schedule an exam?

The name of the Test Sponsor who created the exam, a Webassessor Account under that Test Sponsor exam portal, completion of all exam pre-requisites, your credit card or voucher/coupon number, and the name of the exam for which you wish to register.

How can I find the location of a specific testing center?

Bullseye, you are here!   You can select our Lagniappe Professional Testing Lounge during the registration process online for an Onsite exam via your Test Sponsor’s Webassessor portal.

How can I cancel/reschedule an exam?

Login to your Account through your Test Sponsor’s Webassessor portal, find the exam which you wish to reschedule or cancel. Click the Reschedule/Cancel link and follow the onscreen instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: There may be a fee for reschedules or cancellations within 24 hours of your Online scheduled exam start time or 72 hours before your Onsite scheduled exam time.

What should I do if the Testing center is closed when I arrive for my exam?

First, check your scheduled start time and date. Next, confirm you are at the correct entrance of the center for which you scheduled your exam. If you are in the correct location at the correct time and date, then please contact our support team via the Live Chat feature in our Candidate Community Portal. For faster support, you will be asked to provide your Webassessor Login ID and exam details to our support staff.

How far in advance can I schedule an exam?

This will vary based on delivery method, Test Sponsor preferences, and/or testing center schedules. Login to your Test Sponsor’s Webassessor portal and search for the exam and delivery method of choice to check current availability.

What is the exam cancellation policy?

In general, Onsite exams can be cancelled no later than 72 hours prior to the scheduled exam time and Online exams no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled exam time without incurring a Kryterion fee. However, always refer to you Test Sponsor’s testing or certification website for details on exam cancellation.